Boston New York Sports Chat 8/8/2018

Welcome to Boston & New York Sports chat plus more. A BBomber sampling.

Heck of a win for the cousins last night in Toronto, the pen took a standing 8 count, but the monsters out hit the picket fence Kelly Barnes and Kimbrel constructed and the crooked number Thorny spit up..

but the Red Sox earners on offense are too good to have guys that should be bagging groceries like Clippard and that nut case Giles pitching to them… Jeez it was bad enough Gibby has to deploy Gas Can Clippard, add Psycho Giles to that mix and poor Gibby might have to start drinking again….

We had a rollercoaster in Chicago, and too be honest once Great Britton spit up the lead Stanton gave them in the 10th I thought they would quit on their stool

There were 14 pitchers used, both teams deployed 7 hurlers to navigate the long 13 inning journey, but for some reason if felt like Chicago manager Rick Renteria used a lot more.. It also felt like every time one of his relievers got in a groove, he yanked them, maybe that’s a concept, but the end result was negative in the 13th inning… With so many buttons to push finally Rent-a-Manager pushed the wrong one

in the 13th Gleyber Torres made Reneria look smart by punching himself out after the Gregorius base on balls, but Luke Stunt Man Voit found a hole between short and third poking a 2 strike single to left..

It put a RISP so we all got bummed out, but at least Miggy was up, and he delivered.. Time to trade him, but keep the Golden Boy Torres… At least in my mind Miggy has leap frogged Torres in the life on the line who do you want at the plate scenario.. Andujar has been knocked down more times then Marvis Frazier, and the kid keeps getting off the mat and produces in clutch spots

As for Sonny my first thought was the ship be sinking, but he came out and looked good in the first inning, not too good but survived the 2nd inning, and he looked good again in the third inning…

Second thing that comes to mind, as i ride on the front runner train, perhaps Gray can be a weapon out of the pen, he was demoted to mop up man, and the only reason he saw the light of the moon last night, Boone had nobody left with Chapman hiding under a bench after Boston kicked his ass, and AJ Cole used in relief of LynnSanity on Monday

Maybe if Gray gets thrown into the deep end of the pool without having 4 days to think about all the trouble he can get in, he can just resort to using his talent, and it might play in short 1 to 3 or 4 inning stints ? And then we woke up!

Worked for Phil Hughes in 09…. Cashman said he tried to trade Sonny but he wanted more then a signed photo of Hank Aaron from the Braves, and the kid in Milwaukee was willing to take Sonny in like Moe Green took in Fredo, but he didn’t want to give Cashman anything more then that so he held on to him

Maybe this raises his trade value, or maybe he becomes a guy who gets lit up like a X-mas tree when he actually faces some hitters he’s heard of that have actually played in the MLB for more the 2 months

One observation Yoan Moncada is the absolute worst #1 Prospect in the history of MLB, man they better hope Kopech is any good, because they got FLEECED in the Sale trade