Boston New York Sports Chat 6/27/2017

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Todays Featured Post by BBomber is an example of the kind of fan analysis by posters here at SportsPlusMore. We call him Sal and he is the best.

thanks for the drop Al…

The White Sox are the 2016 NYY, they’re in sell mode, so Monty putting them to sleep after Frazier went Big Fly wasn’t that impressive, until I saw them just mug that insidious bull pen

Shoulda kept him in lol….Montgomery scares me when I think about how he had to get the gig, the brainiacs that run this team had no clue, Cashman and his college numbers crunchers are radar gun nerds, so real pitchers slip through the cracks…

Credit Rothaschild for recognizing what he is, and forcing Cashman to put him on the 40 man.. It cost them another Cashman AAAAAAA player Barbato who “throws Hard” but isn’t a pitcher

the only guy you trust coming from the 8 guys Girardi wants in the pen is Betances, and he makes you tap dance before throwing you a crumb to munch on

Chapman is dealing hard cheese, but he had no life on the pitches last night, looked like he wasn’t really expecting to pitch up 6-1…

It doesn’t take long for the Gidrools Cashman has deployed to implode, Holder woke them up in the 8th, and Shreve pitched like he had a 5 run lead until Anderson who is a good young player stood him up for the 3 run Tater

NY is Whistling past the grave yard at the moment… They were lucky to face Holmberg who is a soft tossing reliever turned starter..

The game plan seems to be pitch around Judge and Sanchez, attack the rest of the line-up, and it works, the top 4 went 0-14 with 5 BB’s Judge 3 of them

Good job by Austin maybe he wakes up, but he’s a guess hitter so they sleep a lot ….

Judge is the only guy seeing the ball well, and DD too, but he was resting last night.. Joe said he didn’t want him facing the LHP lol.. They’re facing 3 LHP’s this series and DD’s splits are reversed

See when all you do is Bull shit like Girardi does, you forget where you left it and more often then not, step in it… Joey is spending a lot of time cleaning his cleats, the poor bastard

This is a 35 man game, if you don’t have depth on the 40 man might as well go home because guys in this era will get hurt. they need to stop whining and start getting the better players from the farm up here

Ref is killing them on D and with the bat, and the 3 man bench leaves them with no options to PH / PR/ or shore up the D

Wade at least has some game, it’ll be good to see if he can bring it to the next level

Chance Adams would be a nice Pen piece to go with Green and German…. Austin and Bird, if Bird can ever get healthy would be a nice platoon.. At least you’re seeing what you have….

running AAAAAAAAA type players because they’re on the 40 man is what a novice GM who never had a good farm system would do

Cashman isn’t used to this, he’s used to being ordered to trade good prospects for veterans so it’s like pulling teeth getting him to bust into the better player pool

Quintana and Rondon up next gonna be a little tougher then facing Holmberg….